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It is a norm to search for BNI connect reviews to find out more about the organization before deciding whether you are a right fit to the business networking platform. Frankly, there are many reviews on BNI online, but why read my review?


It is simple really, in this post, I will share with you, my full experience with BNI from a visitor’s perspective to currently being a member of BNI. I want to be honest with you right now, the post is not completed because I have just officially joined a chapter.

As my journey continues, I will continue to update this post of my new story in BNI.

*Disclaimer: my experiences in BNI does not constitute of what you may encounter in your BNI chapter. Every chapter is unique because it is the people who creates the culture in the group.

I have created a table of content to guide you through the review, do use it to jump to the section which interests you the most.

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First Impressions

The very first time that I encountered BNI was during the year 2014 – 2015. At that point of time, I was invited by one of the chapters in Singapore to have a look at the platform.

I did not turn down the request because I did not know what it was and how it may essentially benefit me; yes, I am the kind of person who will check out the opportunity first before deciding if it is a match.

On the actual day, I knew this was not the organization that I wanted to join as I noticed that the members are more interested in talking to themselves rather than communicating with the visitors. Furthermore, I could not commit to such an early timing.

One last thing, the president of the chapter is a cocky person who claims that they are the most prestigious group around. Just imagine, a cocky witchy voice speaking with her head struck up to the ceiling.

Would you join such an organization?

Subsequent Visiting Experience

Since the first encounter with BNI, I decided to sweep it under the carpet and go on with my life.

That was until one of my colleagues invited me to visit their BNI chapter in the year 2017. Well, since it is another group and a colleague invitation, I decided to give it another try.

This time, the meeting was held in the evening and the members there welcomed visitors and talked to them. Sadly, I did not feel connected to the group and environment.

Moving forward, I visited another group which had their meetings during the afternoon and I had the similar feeling. This time round, the members were behaving in the same manner as the first group; talking among themselves and ignoring visitors. Eventually, I did not sign up as I had not have an outstanding experience.

Do not be pressured to join a chapter, no matter how good they say they are, if you do not feel good. Just reject them politely.
Ryan low

Honestly, I did not expect my experiences to be so bad but up till this point it does seemed as though my experiences with BNI is bad. However, this does not mean BNI is bad because I did not experience the system to determine if it is good or bad; all it meant was I meet with the wrong timing, wrong people, wrong group.

Opportunity To Join

I am glad to announce that on april 2018, I am in the midst of joining a BNI chapter! With this news, I will update this page regularly with my experiences in my BNI chapter.


You may be wondering why did I choose to join? Well, it is simple really, although there are tons of negative reviews out there on the internet, there are also an equal number of good reviews.

Hence, I decide to give the platform a go before deciding whether or not, it will work out for me. But one crucial factor that influenced me to join is I am able to connect with the members as such it did not felt as foreign as the previous visits.


Sadly, the chapter did not hold; it was a dying chapter to from the start. You can read more about their history if you are keen.

How was my experience? Well, it wasn’t that great, I only participated in one visitor’s day and had fun with my 60 seconds speech.

Some of you may be thinking, why did the chapter die off?

My only guess was that the morale of the individuals is low and not everyone is putting in their 100% to make it work.

Did I give my best? I did my best: 8 visitors invited while the more experienced members invited less than 2 members.

I guess that is it, I won’t be touching BNI for awhile.

Final Thoughts

I cannot judge whether BNI is good or not but I will keep you posted if I do have another opportunity to try out BNI. Meantime, you might consider reading about the benefits of BNI or the “dark side” of BNI AKA the disadvantages of BNI. In those two articles, I have complied a list of pros and cons of BNI which may be interesting to you.

Now it is your TURN.

What is your review on BNI? How many stars will you give BNI out of a 5 star rating? Leave your review in the comment session below.

Talk soon.

Ryan Low
Ryan Low
Ryan Low is an internet entrepreneur, web designer, SEO specialist, writer and realtor based in Singapore. He enjoys writing articles that will help people with creating wealth and financial freedom. In his free time, Ryan loves to travel, experience the different cultures around the world and scuba diving.

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  1. In my opinion, the BNI is an absolute, total scam. As a start-up business, I have been mis-sold the BNI concept from day one for the following reasons:
    • Once they have taken your money, they make you work for them by having to actively recruit new members, by means of cold calling as their method of choice. No word of this prior to payment taken.
    • The misleading concept of one member per profession. Don’t believe this.

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