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It is important to know the latest BNI membership fees before joining the organization. This allows you to decide whether or not, you are in a good position before taking on this opportunity.


Before we dive into the main topic, let me share a disclaimer, “the cost of investment showed in this page is applicable to Singapore context and may not be accuracy as it is based on my own research. Do not take this at face value, we are not liable if the information is wrong.”

Now that the disclaimer is out of the way, let’s dive straight to the topic!

Also, I have created created a simple table of content to guide you through the page, do check it out.

Tables Of Content

membership joining fees

  • New Application - Option A $810.00

    One year of membership, includes a one-time registration fee of $150.00

  • New Application - Option B $1,228.00

    Two years of membership, including a one-time registration fee of $150.00

  • Renewal - Option A $660.00

    One year of membership, however, if you are changing chapters, it will be considered a new application and the $150 is chargeable.

  • Renewal - Option B $1078.00

    Two year of membership, however, if you are changing chapters, it will be considered a new application and the $150 is chargeable.

membership course fees

BNI provide courses for it’s members and the course fees may be fully or partially subsidised by the chapter’s fund. *Most courses are optional.

  • BNI Members Success Program $20.00

    For new members to attend and understand how to make full use of your entire journey in BNI.

  • BNI Connect Workshop $20.00

    Learn how to effective use the platform, "BNI Connect".

  • Mentor Training $20.00

    Learn how you too can become a mentor to the new members of your chapter.

  • BNI Advanced Members Success Program $50.00

    The advanced version of the members success program.

  • Inviting Mindset $50.00

    Understand how to be successful at inviting visitors & follow up with them?

  • Presentation Skills Workshop $50.00

    Develop effective presentation skills that you can use anywhere, at any given situations.

  • Power Team Workshop $50.00

    67% of your referrals come from your power team, learn how you can streamline your power team referrals.

  • Effective 1-2-1s Meeting $50.00

    Learn how to conduct effective 1-to-1 meetings to quickly break the ice and build the relationship.

  • Generating Endless Referrals Training $50.00

    Learn how you can generate endless referrals from your chapter and inner circle.

  • Leadership & Support Team Training $200.00

    With this training, we will be able to equip you both with the WHY and HOW to lead your chapter to the next level!

Last thoughts

Well, you can say these are the entire investment costs that you may incur throughout your journey in BNI.

Opps, I forgot to mention one more cost which is the cost for the food and venue for the weekly chapter meetings! This ranges from $20 – $35 (or higher) weekly depending on the chapter.

Let me know what you think about the fees in the comments section below.

Talk soon.

Ryan Low
Ryan Low
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